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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Salman Khan and Shahrukh rivalry proved once again at Filmistan studios

The Khan rivalry is still on and they have proved it again when both came close but remained coldly distant. Khans were shooting for their respective films at Filmistan studios in Goregaon. Where Salman Khan was shooting for ‘Bodyguard’ his upcoming film produced by his brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri on the third floor, Shahrukh Khan was shooting on the first floor.

Some people expecting Shahrukh Khan to drop by on the sets of Bodyguard as King Khan are in good terms with Atul Agnihotri. But perhaps SRK did not want to create a scene with Salman and give media more grist for rumors, so he stayed away.

Things were fine at Filmistan until SRK also joined for shooting at the same place where Salman Khan was shooting for his next. Both the Khan’s after finishing their shots head to their respective vans. Salman used to joke around and sit with people on the sets but after SRK’s arrival he preferred to stay on his own.

This rivalry started when Katrina was signed opposite SRK by Yash Raj banner for their next. Salman didn’t wanted his girlfriend to work with SRK in romantic bollywood movie, he asked Katrina to refuse the offer but she didn’t listen to him so Salman turned to Shahrukh Khan and asked him to politely say no to work with Katrina to which SRK refused. This incident made Salman angry and he planned to insult SRK on Katrina’s birthday bash hosted by Salman. Salman’s aim was to humiliate SRK so that in anger he refuses to work with his Salman’s girlfriend (Katrina) but all went the other way and led to a big fight between the leading Khans.

There have been many efforts by close friends of both the Khan’s to resolve the issue but nothing fruitful has been gained. Aamir Khan tried the same when he took Salman to SRK’s house Mannat but still nothing beneficial happened. Hoping this Big Bollywood off- screen war comes to an end soon and we could see both the Khan’s together on-screen once again.


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